You've got the hungr app, you’ve got the orders, but what does it mean to be contactless? Contactless means that the employees, the driver, and the customer will maintain social distancing guidelines throughout the entire delivery. Here are some simple suggestions on how to prepare for an effective contactless ordering system for your restaurant using hungr:

  • Choose your Pickup Spot​:​ You likely already have a pickup spot for delivery, but is it a location that follows social distancing guidelines? For example, a pickup spot at the back of your store is not ideal, as the delivery driver will have to walk all the way through your store. The goal is to have the delivery driver in-and-out of your store as quickly as possible. Choose a location for pickup that is close to the entrance and easily seen by drivers.
  • Clear the Area:​ After you choose a location at the entrance of your store, clear the area around it of items. This includes moving tables, chairs, decorative items, and anything else that can hinder the ability to reach your pickup location or clean it.
  • Shelves:​ A simple set of shelves will solve a lot of contactless delivery issues. Your employees will not have to interact with the driver, and you can hold far more orders in the designated area. We suggest metal or plastic shelves that can easily be cleaned.
  • Cleaning: ​Have a set of designated cleaning supplies next to your pickup spot for easy cleaning. If you have the room, place those cleaning supplies on the bottom shelf of your pickup location so they will always be easily accessible. Every time an order is picked up, your employees can quickly clean the shelves to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • Hungr Signs:​ Place the hungr sign near the pickup location, and place simple signage on your windows for drivers so they know where to go before entering your store.

    Remember that ​contactless is everyone’s responsibility, and keep up social distancing guidelines throughout the entire process. Maximize channels that reduce contact such as hungr delivery, curbside pickup and dine-in features.

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