Restaurants have been trying everything to gather business while following rules and regulations in the pandemic. As we enter the summer, this crisis is continuing to increase, as many states and individuals ignore rules put in place to keep us safe. Restaurants will likely have to go back to pickup or delivery only fairly soon to keep their employees and guests safe.

Going back to delivery or pickup only is not a defeat, by the way. In the greater scope of things, delivery or pickup only is a win for the health of everyone involved. However, it is increasingly hard to gain customers through delivery due to the severe economic depression. Your usual customers are trying to save money for rent, so splurging on their favorite place in town isn't really an option for them anymore. Advertising your store with Sales, Discounts, and other Promotions is the best way to gain more customers and steadily increase your profits.

That’s why hungr is rolling out our #SummerofDelivery event, starting in July and running through August. The goal is to make this the best Summer for Delivery ever, by promoting your stores with sales and discounts to increase sales. In the hungr app, each of our partners has the choice to implement sales or discounts they want to. Restaurants can choose to implement Free Local Delivery, Free Extended Delivery, a Percentage off the order, or even a Fixed Dollar Amount off the order. Any sale attracts more customers, no matter what the business, but a sale when people are trying to save money is more effective than ever.

Choose the best time for you to have a sale; we suggest weekends and recurring sales, such as “Taco Tuesdays” or “Hump Day Coffee”, so that your sale becomes a part of your store culture. If you had a sale in place before transitioning into delivery, you can still implement that sale or a modified version of it through the hungr app. If you haven't had sales before, have a creative meeting with your employees to brainstorm some ideas; this will double as a team building exercise, too! A safe bet is to choose a day you already get increased sales, or have sales on a day where you used to get a lot of traffic to entice customers to return via delivery.

Promote these sales through your social media and other digital outlets. The majority of guests choose their dining choices based on their previous experiences, word of mouth, and your digital presence. The first step is to improve your appearance on Google, which we have a simple guide for here. As a backend provider for Google, customers can order directly through hungr when they find your restaurant on a Google search. Improving how you appear on Google by following our guide will increase your chances of higher delivery by quite a sizable margin.

Your other social media matters quite a lot, as well. Promoting your #SummerOfDelivery sales through social media such as Facebook and Instagram the day before and the day of your discount will increase your store traffic as well. When you do not have a sale, posting every other day with images of your best dishes, employees wearing masks, and stories about your restaurant’s history will garner attention. Right now, customers want two things; a restaurant they feel attached to and a price they can afford. Especially in the middle of a civil rights crisis, promoting the story of your restaurant and making your store emotionally appealing is going to be incredibly helpful. For the #SummerOfDelivery event, hungr is also promoting restaurants via our social media and newsletter. Reach out to us by filling out this short survey (link here) and submitting it to EMAIL HERE for the chance to be featured on our social media and newsletter for more traction from hungr users.

You can even take place in the viral Great American Takeout movement. The event takes place every Tuesday and pushes for Americans to buy takeout for a meal that day to support restaurants and their employees. If you go to their website,, you can sign up for more details, marketing assets, and add your name to their nationwide list of partners promoting delivery. If you are a Black owned business, they are currently looking for restaurants to highlight in a social media event, too.

Even if your dining rooms are not open, it is for the better in the long run for everyone to use delivery and pickup. Whatever system you choose to reduce contact for your employees, stick to it and listen to the rules of your state and county. By offering sales and discounts through hungr, as well as a human connection through selective digital marketing, your restaurant will continue to increase delivery sales and survive the year, while keeping everyone involved safe and healthy. Sticking to contactless delivery is the best option for the foreseeable future, and hungr will always be here to support you and your business.

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