Your lunch crowds used to be a cacophony of noise and people; long lines of guests, servers clearing off dishes in a hurry, and the occasional screaming child trying to be fed something green. Now, your restaurant is much, much quieter. Less customers, less employees every day, and you’re running around the kitchen more than the dining room. Change is difficult, and many people are wondering when we can return to ‘normal’ operations. The fact is, we aren't going back to regular dining for a long time, and you have to learn to love low crowds and mobile orders.

Accepting change is difficult in all areas of life, especially in business. Lower crowds are going to keep your employees safe; but, it will not have as high profit margins. You’re going to have to celebrate every order, every purchase, every tip that drops in the jar. At first, it’s frustrating to have everything seemingly fall apart; but this is a chance to stake a claim on mobile delivery. The American public knows that mobile orders are the best route right now, and are loving the service hungr provides. Setting up takeout and delivery is also much easier than one thinks!

Simply choose your pick-up location for your food, place your hungr sign, set up the app for pickup or delivery, and let those orders roll in! Well, almost. Hungr is always ready for you, but your employees have to be ready for takeout, too. Ensure your restaurant knows how to package your food appropriately, so it can travel safely. Read our blog about setting up contactless delivery, to prep for a clean and healthy pickup service.

Promote delivery on all your social media platforms by attaching a link to the hungr website or app. When you post to social media, which should be every-other day, remind customers to choose delivery! You should also update your Google My Business listing so customers can order straight from Google, instantly increasing your orders. Not sure how? Read our helpful guide here!

Use the hunger Promotions tool to entice customers with sales and deals. Who doesn't love a sale, especially on some delicious food! Make sure to get the word out on your social media channels about your sales so new and old customers will come flocking to your pick-up counter.

Once your usual crowd sees your delivery and takeout options, your flow of business will increase in a new way. You will not have people streaming in and out of your dining room, but instead delivery drivers and customers will be stopping by quickly, with hurried “thank you’s” and “have a nice day” when they drive away. These individuals, some of whom you may never meet or see, are keeping your business afloat. Cherish every sale you make, and always be grateful to your customers. Great service will bring them back, especially on the hungr app!

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