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How to Deal with non-Masked Guests

"I’ll Sue under the Disability Act", protect your staff, gusts and restaurant How?
We will give over how to deal with the gusts who wants to do their own thing, and how to keep your gusts stafe.

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7 minute read

Prep for contactless ordering

What does it mean to be contactless? Is your restaurant actually contactless? We will explore ways to provide a contactless experience.

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9 minute read

Learning to Love Low Crowds: Expanding Delivery to Improve Sales

Your lunch crowds are gone, the long lines of dinner guests have disappeared. How to survive?

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5 minute read

Attracting Employees & Hiring During a Pandemic

Unemployment is paying people more than minimum wage, so it's easy for them tomake the choice; risk getting a deadly virus, or work an hourly job? How to get them back?

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7 minute read

Google It: How to Look Better on Google Searches

Don't loose customers because Google says your closed. We will discuss the best ways to make sure your attracting the most customers. It's simpler than you think.

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6 minute read

Why delivery? Why hungr?

Food delivery apps are ramping up in popularity and hard to ignore! Why should you choose hungr over or along with others?

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8 minute read