As a partner with Google, hungr knows the importance Google plays from searches and how customers order via Google. Customers can directly order through Google from our partner restaurants, so a business’s appearance in the search results matters. Let’s say you’re a sandwich place: a customer looks up “sandwiches near me” and your restaurant pops up on the suggestions. Now what? How do you convince them to click that order button, or come in for pickup?

First, you need to know that the majority of information on Google Maps and Google itself will be populated from the internet unless you register your store through Google My Business. Google My Business provides information for the tab that appears on the right side of the screen when looking up your store. It is important to control that information, so it is always accurate and presentable, so if you are not already registered, sign up for Google My Business as soon as possible.

Once You have Google My Business set up and running, here are several easy steps you can take to prepare for online ordering and marketing.

  • Update or Edit your Google Business information: When you look up a location, Google will automatically provide your address, phone number, hours, and more. Log into your Google My Business account to update your information as needed. Check to make sure your phone number, website, location, hours, and other information are up to date.
  • Display Ordering: Under ‘Info’ on the left tab, choose ‘Accessibility.’ Scroll down to ‘Offerings’ and click the delivery options you offer, such as curbside or delivery. Then click ‘Apply’ to save that setting. Make sure your Online Ordering option is ON under Info and Food Delivery. This will allow users to automatically order from your store via Google. (how does this work from hungr’s end? )
  • Update your Photos or Add a Video: Choose the best photos of your restaurant for Google my Business. They will be the first pictures your customers will see on Google, and it should make a good impression. The photos populated from the internet, as mentioned before, will still be there but they will not be the first impression. We recommend something bright, colorful, and eye catching. If you have the skills, make a short video about your store.
  • Website and Social Media: If you already have a website or social media page, make sure it is linked through Google My Business. Update it with your new hours, policies, and so forth. Your store should post at least one social media image every other day, to help gain new customers and keep regulars interested. Have the link to hungr on the social media pages (if possible) for easy ordering from regular customers, too.

    In the age of digital and mobile ordering, many new customers will have to choose between several locations based solely on images and information they see online. This especially applies to the younger generations, who use the internet to research potential purchases constantly. Updating and controlling the information displayed through Google will take a bit of time, but it will increase your sales and online traffic over the competition.

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