Restaurant FAQs

What does hungr do?

hungr is a third party food delivery service based in San Diego, California. Westrive to run an affordable mobile food ordering service that keeps your business thriving. We provide support every step of the way; with 24/7 customer support and several options for technology, hungr is the company to help increase your profits. 

How does a hungr partnership work?

Our partnerships provide restaurants with all the materials to make delivery and pickup easy and affordable. While signing up for hungr, you choose to either have a POS or tablet system to receive orders. When your ordering system is set up, mobile orders will be sent directly to you, and our nationwide team of delivery drivers will handle the rest! Customers can orderdirectly through the hungr app or they can corder from your location through Google, as well. Partnering with hungr is half the cost of most other delivery companies, without losing any of the features. We only charge 12% commission, and there is no surge pricing, meaning you will have consistent delivery drivers. We also provide 24/7 customer service, leaving you and youremployees worry free about the process, leaving more time for you to serve your guests. 

Why should I partner with hungr?

Especially nowadays, caring about the wellbeing of partners in the restaurantbusiness is more important than ever. At hungr, we pride ourselves on our dedication to businesses small and large with our 24/7 customer service. We have lower commission prices because we know you need every penny possible to keep growing. hungr also provides marketing tools to improve your restaurant’s digital presence, such as photoshoots of your best dishes and products. We even pay our drivers more than any other company, and 91% of our deliveries are on time or early, with an average delivery time of only 37 minutes. We will always treat our partners with respect, and provide the best service for whatever life throws at you. 

How can hungr help my business?

Adding delivery to your businesses is also helpful, and hungr is the best service for you. Delivery orders through hungr are 92% incremental, which means that 92% of delivery orders would not be happening without the app. There is a generation of new customers that prefer pickup or delivery insteadof dining in, and adding hungr will tap into that group. As more new and old customers order online, your brand presence will grow in your community and the orders will keep rolling in. We also have an extended delivery distance, which will expand your restaurant’s influence a little further, enticing new customers to your location.

How much does it cost?

Hungr has a flat-rate, 12% commission for our app services. Other delivery services charge around 30% commission, which leaves restaurants strugglingto make ends meet even if traffic is up. We provide your choice of a POS or tablet system to receive orders. The POS system is free of charge, and hungr will provide a tablet for $5 a week if you do not already have one. We know that every bit counts, so while the COVID pandemic is still shutting down stores, hungr is deferring the costs of the tablets for new partners.

How do I get on hungr?

You can sign up to be on hungr here, or by clicking the button at the bottom of this article. The entire sign-up process should take about 5 minutes. We ask you to fill in some general information about how to contact you and how many restaurants you have. We also ask for a few specific things like a picture of your menu, photos of your food. After you submit this information, you will receive a few emails from our team about how to set up your order receiving method and your restaurant dashboard. Your restaurant will then go live on hungr, and you will start receiving orders!

Why does hungr have a commission rate?

hungr only charges 12% commission. This is many times less half or more of other providers. This allows us to cover delivery-related expenses like logistics, drivers, and support to keep your delivery business up and running.