Finding employees as the pandemic continues is difficult already. Unemployment is paying people more than minimum wage, so it's easy for them to make the choice; risk getting a deadly virus, or work an hourly job? It’s not like we can blame them, either. Everyone is making the choice that is best for them and their families, what’s best for their health.

We know you’re thinking, “I still need employees to run my restaurant! How can I get them to come in to work?” It’s simple really; make your job more appealing and worth the risk. Make sure that you advertise all of these accommodations in any job postings or listings you have:

  • Provide proper PPEs: It will be immediately reliving to potential employees to know you are committed to their safety. Make sure you stand by that, even as the months roll on. Many large companies have been in trouble for not providing PPEs when the pandemic started, and those stories keep potential workers away.
  • Prioritize Social Distancing: On your website, which you should link in your job posting, have images of your social distancing guidelines in effect, such as signs and other employees wearing masks. Showing potential employees what your location looks like, and the dedication to safety in place, will also give them peace of mind.
  • Kitchen Guidelines are a Must: The kitchen is a cramped space, and is the largest deterrent to returning cooks and other employees. Keeping up to date with all FDA and CDC rules will not only attract new chefs and cooking staff, but also keep your current ones working if you are looking into opening up dining.
  • Worker’s Health Over Profits: It’s been said over and over again, that if an employee feels sick they shouldn't come into work. Yet, employees still come into work if they are feeling unwell because they have faced punishments before, and that stigma still exists. You have to go out of your way to remind your employees that they are important, and they should not be penalized for calling out sick during the pandemic. As soon as you penalize their health, you create distrust and the chance of spreading COVID.
  • Pickup, Curbside, and Contactless delivery: Informing prospective workers of your delivery service will make your workplace more appealing because they know you have the option to keep them on a payroll without being in contact with customers.

    If your store follows through with all of these choices, not only will your store retain employees for longer, it will create a more positive workplace culture in the long run. Even after COVID is gone, your employees will remember how you worked to protect them during these hard months. However, there is one more step a business should consider to retain employees. Increasing pay, especially if your starting salary is minimum wage, will bring in workers. Your job has to be worth the health risk at hand, and if it’s not, people will make the logical decision to continue their unemployment checks. They’re not lazy, they are making the best decision at the moment, and if a job will not prioritize a worker’s health and a living wage, no one will work anytime soon.

    Reminding prospective employees that you offer contactless delivery and pickup will provide more reasons for coming into work, as well. Using hungr mobile orders will reduce contact with customers. Our company is committed to you and your needs, which is why we offer contactless delivery to keep everyone healthy and safe. If you do decide to open up for dining, we also offer a digital menu and ordering service to help reduce the interaction with staff while still serving guests. Our simple tablet or POS system is a helpful addition to any business looking to keep up their social distancing guidelines.

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