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Reach new customers

More business, less effort

92% new customers
up to80%
Profit on incremental orders

Today, more than ever people are wanting and needing delivery as stay at home orders increase again. Our commission rate is only 12% flate rate which includes all ordering methods including delivery. Now your restaurant just found an additional 8-18% profit for each hungr order.

Reach new customers

Reach new customers

92% new customers
92% of orders come from entirely new customers

Customers can discover and order from your restaurant through our hungr app, website or even Google. We take care of the orders - you get cooking!

Reach new customers

Speed and Efficiency

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32 min
Average delivery time

We use our strong professional driver network to fulfill your delivery orders within 32 minutes on average. So your food is delivered to the customer how you prepared it.

hungr helps businesses like yours...

Reach new clients

By fulfilling deliveries wherever the customers may be, hungr enables your business to reach a customer base well beyond the traditional dine-in experience and even other delivery services.

Improve your margins

Make up to 80% net profit on incremental delivery orders. increase profit compared to other deliery services. With none of the overhead costs of a traditional dine-in experience, you can focus on cooking—we'll do the rest.

Increase brand presence

We help you get your brand out there in front of new customers. Your restaurant is featured in the app and on our website to gain hightened attention to generate new sales.

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