Google and Hungr partner to expand food ordering

Google and Hungr partner to expand food ordering

San Diego, CA – Google and hungr have partnered together to offer integrated restaurant ordering and delivery fulfillment using the world’s largest search platform and services.

Hungr, an online and 3rd party delivery platform for restaurants will soon provide a way for restaurant operators using hungr to receive additional orders from directly within the Google ecosystem of Search, Maps and Google Assistant. Restaurants can offer both delivery and pickup options via hungr. Additionally, larger orders such as catering size can be purchased under the same Google services and fulfilled by hungr for delivery or pickup.

Restaurants will receive the order thru the hungr Connect platform to either a tablet or directly into their point of sale system which greatly improves efficiency and guest satisfaction. Orders can also be placed in advance where available which makes planning, food ordering and staffing more efficient to the restaurant operator.

Users will be able to benefit by the larger delivery area offered from hungr and the increased menu offerings.

“We are excited to be able to team up with the world’s largest search platform Google. Being able to utilize the vast Google services Search, Maps and Assistant allows users to click or speak and have their orders prepared and delivered accurately and efficiently. Our partner restaurants who enjoy fees half of those of other platforms will be able to gain even more orders through this new partnership. The direct integration by hungr makes it easier for restaurant operators to handle increased orders which ultimately provides for increased sales and profit. Restaurants will also be able to capture more detailed ordering metrics that will be provided through the hungr platform from this partnership.” says Cameron Grigoriadis, Senior Program Manager.

Restaurants interested in utilizing hungr can get more info at: or by calling: 760.888.6425

About hungr

Hungr was launched in 2012 to meet the needs of the growing mobile users looking for faster more efficient ways to order and get delivery from restaurants. Serving restaurants of all sizes from large nationwide chains to small single locations; hungr helps restaurants to offer more to customers while still gaining profit.